Non-Scale Victories

So, I’ve been a bit quiet since last weekend and yes that’s because I had a gain this week. Only half a pound but still, I was a little annoyed with myself.

Moving on…

After last weekends food debauchery, I have been super good sticking to plan this week, making sure that I eat the speed foods along with my protein. And on Sunday I weighed myself at home and had reached 22st 13lbs!! That’s 2 stone lost in 8 weeks. Not sure if it will translate to the scales at SW on Thursday evening – but I am doing everything to make sure it does.

So whilst I had a scale defeat this week, I did have some ‘non’ scale victories. Only small things – but things that made me go Whoop Whoop! none the less.

Victory 1

We have some really big blue bath towels. I have never been able to cover up properly with these bath towels, it meets okay at the top (when you tuck it in itself) but then there is a graduating gap towards my knees that leaves nothing to the imagination.  This weekend I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around me only to notice that there was no gap! The towel fit all the way around me – modesty reigns! Whoop whoop!!

Victory 2

Clarks shoesFor the past 6 months or so whilst my walking has been particularly bad, I have been wearing sketchers which have been soooo comfortable, and have enabled me to continue to walk as my feet were in too much pain wearing my usual ballet flats. On Sunday this week I wore shoes with a heel for the first time. I looked fab and felt fab! My feet hurt a little after an hour, but small steps (no pun intended). Whoop Whoop!

Victory 3

I popped up to see my mum and dad yesterday for an hour, they live two flights up from me in the same building. There is no lift and two flights of stairs, which I usually take one step at a time (two feet per step). Yesterday I marched up those steps like a normal person (one foot per step) and was not out of breath when I got to the top. Whoop Whoop!!

Victory 4

After my success at walking up the steps at home yesterday, I decided on the spur of the IMG_20170717_122108moment to avoid the lift at work today (I work on the 1st floor) and usually take the lift every day. I managed it with only a slight moment out of breath at the top,  and then I had to pop downstairs again for something later and did it again! So that is two extra stair climbs than normal today. Its only lunchtime so there is opportunity for another go before home time! Whoop Whoop!!

This week I am hoping for a big scale victory as I want to see that 2st award on my kitchen door next to my other awards.

Thanks for reading.

Emms x

Anniversary Weekend

Red dress - emma wedding13 years ago (10 July), I was getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry my best friend.  I had a fabulous day and had lost some weight for the big day, I got down to 17st and fit into a gorgeous two-piece red dress (a skirt and a corset).

This weekend, although everybody had said to me, its your anniversary, treat yourself, I was determined not to go off plan. However, my will power failed. But I had a marvellous weekend out with Joe on Saturday and then with friends and family on Sunday.

My last post explained my Caesar Salad incident at Piccolino’s in Ilkley on Saturday, what happened later that day though was not great… After eating early at Piccolino’s by 9pm we were both pretty hungry and normally I would have had some fruit or something synned, but my hormones took over (star week this week) and we ordered some Chinese takeaway nibbles, spare ribs, salt and pepper chicken and crispy duck and pancakes. All of which was yummy, then I had a topic. Because, you know, in for a penny, in for a pound.

I went to bed on Saturday evening thinking I’d let myself down, but decided to draw a line and start again on Sunday morning. Which in theory went fine.

On Sunday I got up about 10am and had my usual Weetabix and skimmed milk. We had said we wanted to go out somewhere and the weather was glorious, so we decided to head for Skipton and ended up at Keelham Farm Shop, where we stopped for a light lunch.  Looking at the menu I didn’t want to eat too much as we were out for tea at 6.30pm at our local pub. A chap on the next table just had his food delivered and had a sandwich with ham and cheese and chutney in, and it looked YUMMY. I’m not a sandwich person really, so Joe said if you really fancy the sandwich, have it (get behind me satan). So I did.  I asked for the sandwich on white bread (yum) and with no butter (cos that would make all the difference lol). It came with a little side salad and it was delicious. The cheese was a little overpowering so I took some out but overall the sandwich tasted as good as it looked.  I also had an Immune Booster juice from their juice bar, which has fresh pineapple, oranges, ginger and honey in it.

Sunday evening we had arranged to meet up with Family and Friends at the Airedale Heifer, who do Slimming World friendly meals (have I mentioned that before).

img_20170709_192945.jpgSo at 6.30pm Joe and I arrive to find my parents had got a helium balloon for our table. I love that sort of thing!

I opted not to drink alcohol and just had diet coke all evening (I’m not a big drinker really).  I was going to have the Steak – healthy option for my tea, but when we arrived we were told that there was no grill on Sundays as they do roast dinner.  So I had roast beef with the biggest Yorkshire pudding I have ever seen. It came with roast potatoes, mashed Swede, green beans and gravy. It was delicious. I enjoyed every mouthful. Then I had Chocolate Orange bread and butter pudding with Custard. I couldn’t eat it all as I was stuffed to the ginnels! But it tasted lovely. img_20170709_192737.jpg

Although I went off plan, I really enjoyed the food I ate, I did have a little guilt trip at the back of my mind, but I knew that I could get straight back on the plan on Monday morning and have 4 days to undo any damage done and hopefully maintain this week.

Life gets in the way, but sometimes you’ve just got to go with it and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for reading.

Emms xx


Hidden Bumps in the Road

cow and calk rocksWe took a trip to Ilkley today for a wander around the shops and decided to have something to eat. On the way home on the Ilkley Moor road, past the Cow and Calf Rocks, the council are resurfacing the road and so there are no road markings. There are 18 speed bumps on this road and I didn’t see the first one as it wasn’t marked, it gave us such a jolt when we drove over it in the car and it got me thinking about the hidden bumps in my Eating for Health plan.

We ended up at Piccolino’s for an early dinner and for the first time in a while I was not prepared. I hadn’t looked at the menu before we set off and I had expected that I would be able to get something that would enable me to follow the Slimming World plan.

As I was feeling a little under the weather and not in the right frame of mind to start asking the staff for something specially made for me, so I ordered a Caesar salad. I did think about having pasta, but the majority of dishes had fish and I wasn’t convinced the bolognaise would be a healthy version, so I figured I would be in control with salad.

How wrong I was.

Firstly, let me say how delicious the salad was. The chicken was beautifully cooked and the salad leaves were crisp and fresh, but I hadn’t banked on the amount of Parmesan cheese in the dish and also that the croutons were crushed and sprinkled within the salad so you got a bit with each mouthful. Then there was the dressing. I picked out the bigger bits of Parmesan (shavings) and the larger pieces of the croutons. I counted 8 syns as a guess for the bits I did eat and wondered if I should of been a bit more sassy and asked for a plain salad with chicken and no dressing. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it very much, but it has made me realise that I need to ask for what I want.

Next time I will ask for a salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side. Then I am totally in control of what I eat. Or I could of asked for pasta with plain tomato sauce and basil leaves. I expect that if I asked them for something low fat they would have made me something quite easily.

Lesson learned.

Tomorrow (Sunday 9th July) Joe and I are celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary and have planned a meal out with friends and family at our local pub the Airedale Heifer.

I know the menu very well and will choose one of their healthy options, so perhaps a steak or a piece of gammon which they serve flame grilled with boiled potatoes, salad and vegetables. It is a massive portion but I enjoy it knowing that it is all free food on the Slimming World plan. I can save my syns for a glass of prosecco (5 syns) or for a desert.

I am still amazed by how much my eating habits have changed in 7 short weeks. I lost 3.5lbs this week, so am at a total of 1st 10.5lbs now. Heading straight for my 2st award.

My hubby gave me a pack of mini Jammy Dodgers this morning. There are 4 very tiny jammy dodgers in the pack and they are 1 syn each. I had the first one, and have to say that I didn’t like it. It tasted floury. Joe said that’s how its supposed to taste, so I gave him the other three and had a Hifi bar instead. 7 weeks ago I would of eaten them anyway, or not even noticed the floury taste as I was used to eating carb based things like this as it was my staple food.

Pebble jarI have added another motivational item to my lounge this week. I have bought a nice glass jar and some red glass pebbles and am counting 1/2 lb for each pebble and putting the amount of weight I lose into the jar each week until I fill it right to the top!

As the weeks pass I shall show you this jar being gradually filled up.

Thanks for reading.

Emms x


Week 6 weigh in

Awards week 6So week 6 and 2lbs loss. Whilst this is a smaller amount than I have been losing, it is significant as it takes me to 1st 7lbs and means I get my one and a half stone award!! I have all my awards on my kitchen door. I also got slimmer of the month!

Whilst I have done slimming world before (about a year ago) I got to 1 stone loss and then gave up, but I truly feel that I am going to do it this time. I’m not sure what has happened to me, its like a switch has been flipped and it isn’t a struggle to make healthy choices any longer. Okay so I’m not a saint and last night we went to Nando’s and the cinema and whilst I did have butterfly chicken and peri peri chips (15 syns) I was still within my syns as I planned to go there and knew I would want chips and so didn’t have any other syns all day. But I did not have any popcorn or ice cream or chocolate, or the slushy pink and blue thing (*drool*) that they do at the Showcase. So I felt good in my choices.

I also went out to lunch the same day with Mum and a friend and had a lovely meal at my local pub, the Airedale Heifer, who do slimming world friendly meals!! I had Mediterranean vegetables saute’d in Fry-Lite served with linguine. That was the description on the menu! Loved it – very tasty and very filling and all free food!

So two meals out and both on plan. *high five*

Saturday morning (when I am writing this) and I have been having a few cakey cravings, so I looked at the recipes on the Slimming World website and came across Baked Oats.

I am trying it this morning – its in the oven now – so I will update with what I thought of it next time.

One other thing I have noticed is that I am eating loads of eggs, which have always been good for me in terms of weight loss, but I’ve had the side effect of my ‘regularity’ being interrupted. So during a conversation with my mum the day before weigh in, I asked if she had any dried apricots (always worked for me before) and so I had 4 dried apricots which solved my problem, I don’t know how many syns they were – I put them down as ‘medicinal’.

This week I am concentrating on eating more speed foods. I have got a little complacent and feel that I have been relying on my fruit (melon and strawberries) for my speed. So last night on the way home from the cinema we stopped at Asda (gotta love 24hr supermarket) and I bought lots of lovely speed foods for a homemade soup. Courgettes, kale, spinach, onions, carrots. So I will have a big bowl of speed soup before every meal this week and see if this boosts my weight loss. I am also upping the walking round the block, I might even venture to the canal for a longer walk.

The other recipe I am going to try this week is the slimming world Lasagne.

I am feeling positive and looking forward to trying new things this week.

Thanks for reading.

Emms x